Tools to Protect Earth

Earthchain helps consumers and businesses address climate change.

Whether you are an individual consumer wanting to understand your climate impact, or a business wanting to integrate climate action into your consumer journeys - Earthchain's app and platform empowers you to take action.

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For Individuals

Imagine if you could connect all the services in your life together, and use them to monitor your carbon footprint

That's what Earthchain does.

Connect your bank accounts securely to Earthchain and share some information about your habits & lifestyle with us. Earthchain will show you where your emissions impact is highest, based on the services you use and the goods you buy.

Our app guides you on how to reduce your emissions most effectively, and lets you keep a close track of your progress.

For the emissions which cannot be reduced any further, we provide super easy in-app offsetting - using the highest quality Gold Standard certificates - supporting projects around the world which are not only reducing CO2 emissions - but also implementing the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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For Businesses

Earthchain provides companies with the tools to integrate climate action into their consumer journeys.

According to a Forbes survey, 88% of consumers want brands to help them make a difference

"Consumers want to understand, quantify, compare and contrast their personal impact through purchasing and fulfil their belief that their behaviours can make a positive difference"

Mintel Sustainability Barometer 2021

Most of your customers expect you - as a business - to help. Are you listening ?

Earthchain provides a toolkit which empowers businesses to offer their customers insights - and actions - to achieve these targets. Businesses which take responsiblity for their environmental and social impacts now have a way to put their actions front and centre.

Our APIs make it possible to measure the CO2 emissions of any purchase, inform your customer about the impact, and offer them integrated carbon offsetting at the point of sale.

In most cases, carbon offsetting a single purchase is very low cost for the customer or retailer - a micropayment - but the resulting funds generate real support for projects around the world which not only reduce carbon emissions, but achieve many more benefits for local communities.

Do you have a use case ?

- Perhaps you're a POS terminal or e-commerce software vendor, payments acquirer, or retailer and want to integrate climate action into the payment flow - offset a purchase as easily as leaving a tip ?

- You may be a bank or fintech and issue debit or credit cards already - do you want to enable climate action on your card product and offer your customers greener payments ?

- How about measuring the impact of your employees travel and expense claims - and using the information, reduce the impacts ?

- Measure the CO2 emissions of your vehicle fleet using your fuel purchases - and learn how to reduce them - and offset the emissions you cannot avoid during your transition to an EV fleet.

- What would you do with Earthchain ?

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"Let's issue Greener Fuel Cards"

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Our Platform

How does it work

Earthchain's platform provides REST APIs which can categorise payments, estimate carbon emissions, and provide instant carbon offsetting.

We measure CO2 emissions using well researched and published methodologies, from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the EU European Open Sustainability Registry / OFNK.

We report on CO2 emissions with stats and rankings by category and retailer, and for business we deliver GHG Protocol compliant reports.

Our carbon offsets are provided exclusively by Gold Standard, an organisation which rigourously validates and monitors emissions reduction & social impact projects around the globe to ensure they are meaningful, effective, and achieve their goals.

We are fastidious in accounting for the carbon we offset - earthchain tokenizes every single gram of each verified emissions reduction certificate we buy on your behalf onto the Stellar network. Stellar is the low energy blockchain which powers our carbon ledger.

When an individual payment is offset, we transfer tokens representing just the grams of carbon to offset from the project's Stellar account to the customer's account. Fractional offsetting massively reduces the barriers to entry - you no longer need to offset by the tonne.

The tokens are then deauthorized and cannot be resold or transferred again - they are literally retired. No double counting, full tracing all the way from the original project, through Gold Standard's registry - to your Earthchain carbon account.

Our API platform is currently in beta test, powering our own apps for individual users. To be one of the first businesses to power your own green customer journeys, contact us now for a friendly chat about what we could achieve together.


"Our Carbon Ledger"

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About Earthchain

👋🏽 Hi, I'm Dan Graf - founder of Earthchain

I have worked in financial technology since 2002, building realtime payments processing platforms used in banks and other institutions around the world. I launched Earthchain in 2020 as a place to grow and develop ideas which use technology for good. I want to use my skills in a way which is beneficial - to society, and to the planet.

Earthchain is dedicated to the lowest possible climate impact.

We aim not to travel for business whenever possible. When travel is unavoidable, we choose the lowest impact option and offset the CO2 emissions through our own platform, supporting climate projects we are passionate about.

Earthchain is a signatory of the SME Climate Committment, joining other businesses in pledging to achieve net-zero by 2050, and halve our emissions by 2030.

Earthchain donates 1.5% of our income - over and above the support we give to the climate projects - to Stripe's Climate Partner scheme, to fund development of carbon removal technologies.

Dan Graf has completed training and is certified as Carbon Literate.

We fully endorse and support home working - our own home-office is powered by 100% renewable energy, using locally generated solar power with battery storage and all LED lighting throughout.

* Live data from the Earthchain platform using the GivEnergy integration

Our pledges
Dan Graf

Dan Graf

CEO, Co-Founder


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